Monday, 14 December 2015

Of mountains and seas ...

Sometimes I wonder if it really has to be this way. That we have to travel miles to sit on a cliff, looking down at a sea and muse over life? Why can't we do it back at home? Dyu know how beautiful my home town is? We have a vast ocean... little hills covered in green.... a clean and clear sky- the perfect home for those millions of glittering stars. Ofcourse it was more beautiful back when I was a little girl. When the sports complex was still called 'jetty' and joggers' park was just 'pahaad'. When the winds blew stronger than today and when literally every particle carried happiness. Happiness has turned into such an elusive emotion. We travel but we don't stay. We are so constantly on the move that even the most beautiful of places become just a tick on our bucketlist. Not that I have one. But, still... we are constantly going somehwere. When would I have time to just be?

In the past one month I have seen so many mountains. Old ones like the Table Mount and new ones like the Himalayas.. One word which constantly kept popping into my mind while I looked at the majestic mountains and the expansive ocean is "Alankar". No other word seems to fit as beautifully as "Alankar". Now, I know, God making this world would require a stretch of imagination for many today. But, that's what I grew up believing and I think it is a nice and simple and beautiful and peaceful belief- God made the world. So when God made the world, it put these mountains on the world as alankar.... Imagine a world without them.... how plain... how restrictive....  I think it has to be this way coz each hill has its own feeling. The camera in our mind captures these visions, not independent of emotions. Whether it be the snow covered Marhi... or the rocky Table mount or even that extremely beautiful hill where we stood looking over the Atlantic.... each time the majesty was a different one... even though the same....I am not yet able to give words to what I feel.... but I hope with time, my perception or vocabulary, whichever of the two is deficient... or even both, if the need be, develops. 
At the Cape Point... totally love this picture.
Travel, I believe, helps in making us realize how small we are- how insignificant even.... how we are the tiniest part of this big wholeness... if there is a wholeness at all. Travel helps you in feeling non-existent... in experiencing the out of body moments which are the most beautiful moments in life. Mountains and Seas.... They should always be together... I do not know if I love it and so should be lucky that I was born in a hilly island... or if I love it only coz I was born in a hilly island... But mountains and seas give me peace. They make me feel small. They tell me "It's Okay!".  

Everything that I want, exists here
Save you
Everything that you may want, exists there
Save me
Tell me how far is it from here to there.
Tell me if I could have wings.

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