Thursday, 24 December 2015

Random rantings..

Many bigger tragedies can happen in life. Not only “CAN”, they will. Anyway, I just need to sort out my head a bit. Now, there are people who always want to “sound” right. They may be talking absolute crap, but they speak with such authority, or I should say, they are already in positions of such authority, that whatever they utter is accepted. I truly do not believe in ‘not speaking up’. I do not accept that we should just shut the fuck up when someone is talking crap. But, this is getting very difficult for me. Coz’ it means that I’d literally be opposing people everyday, many times a day… it’ll get exhausting for me. I may as well ignore ensure that I do not lose my sanity… But, trust me ignoring crap is difficult for me.
In any case, I think I just should not talk about my own life… to them or in front of them. They do not have any place in my life personal life, at least….

I like meeting people. Not contacts. I have been hearing about this category called “contacts” ever since I joined public health. I hated it then. I hate it now. Contacts is such a dehumanizing way to look at people. Contacts make me feel like shit. As if the only worth of a person is what he she can do for you. It is ridiculous. Totally. People happen to us to enrich our lives. To bring in experiences. To teach us new things, new words, new perspectives… Of course, it is for people who are open to learning… and not people of the “above” sorts… who think they know it all. Otherwise, for normal people like me and maybe you, people are life. These people whom you meet along life’s way may help you, may not help you, you may help them, you may not help them. But, it is about ‘helping’. It is not about “contacts”.

In the past one week, I’ve been asked twice about my “Hindi”. S asked me ‘When did I learn Hindi’ and M, who, by the way, has known me for quite some time now, asked me, in relation to a job in U.P., ‘How is your Hindi?’…. I was like… dude… pleaseeee…. And then he asked me… “Oh… weren’t you from…uhhh. Nagaland?”
Khair…. I remember when Dr. J.J was taking our class, he asked us if there was any Hindi speaking person in the class… I raised my hand…. He asked me where was I from… and I told… Andamans… He said… “Ahhh no… not someone who ‘knows’ Hindi….but someone who is actually Hindi speaking”… before I could even process what he meant, he had selected his Hindi speaking person- K. Who. By the way. Is from Orissa. I so totally hated him that day…. Not, K… JJ :P
My hands are so cold… Even my heater is tired of attempting to heat my room.

Do you know? Almas is Persian for Diamond. That’s what I was named after.
It is also Spanish for Souls.

N told me today… that we work for a good life…. Work in itself is not a good life. I think that is where I am making my mistake… I am seeking a life out of my work… then another life out of life.

Cats are cotton balls. I love them. I want a bigger house. Cats should never feel suffocated.

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