Sunday, 21 May 2017

Nights such as these...

On nights such as these,
When the heart is as careworn
As it is carefree,
I sit down to think
Of you.

 I then
Let my mind run free,
While it delves into demons
That recklessly build
A life that is not
With you.

 Who would
Ever, So love me,
Guide the rest of my life and
Be able to fill
The holes left gaping
By you.

 I would
Trade my soul with it
That would carry me to you,
And seal up my being
Until forever
In you.

 None know
What soulmates we’ve been.
No death could part us, And in
All new lives we’ll live
Am always coming
To you.

On nights such as these……  

~Almas Kiran Shamim

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