Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Dream: 6th March 2018

I had a most amusing dream last night. The first part is where I get a cat- a kitten, to be precise. A teeny weeny kitten- probably sick, I do not quite remember. Then mummy, abbu and me (the dream is set in Port Blair), go out somewhere in our Ambassador. I think I am sitting in the front seat and the kitty is quite comfortably sitting at the window (Closed) at one of the back seats. Then we stop somewhere and we are all worried coz the moment someone would open the door to come out, the kitty would also jump out and run away, and we definitely didn’t want that. It was far away from where we found her and if she ran away, she would be lost in an unknown place. Somehow I managed to step out of the car, but the moment mummy came out, the kitty jumped out too and I had to run to catch her and put her back in the car telling her softly that she would get lost. Now, all this was perfectly fine as I have been thinking  a lot about getting a cat and how I will need to take care of her so that she doesn’t go missing. In fact, only yesterday I had a mini-argument with H about getting a lovely baby named Bobo. (He doesn’t want a cat). 

But, what happened afterwards in my dream was the really funny part. So, here we were in the outskirts of Port Blair, on a family outing, with a tiny kitty, and abbu comes up to me and asks, ‘What are the vaccines that are to be given at 1 and a half years of age?’ And I turn to look and wow! All of a sudden, there is a health centre before me and I peep in to see that someone has come to get vaccinated- it is a 13-14 year old boy who says that he is there to get the ‘dedh saal ka teeka’. So, leaving my mummy to wait in the car, I quickly look up on the internet about the vaccines that are to be given at 1.5 years, as the only ones I remember then are DPT-OPV Booster. The fact that the internet actually responded in Port Blair, on a mobile, should be a joke in itself! But, anyway…The internet proudly came up with Rotavirus vaccine (And that, outside the dreamworld, is wrong)! So, I tell the sisters to give rota as well. Then, for some fabulous reason, I put on the hat of my previous-immunization-supervisor-avtar and ask them to show me the vaccine. They pull out this strange looking bottle from somewhere. Not a vial, a big fucking bottle! Which is half filled with some liquid! And has a violet rimmed cap (probably the VVM)! And I, like a good ex-state manager, start asking them about from where they got it, how long ago, and why were things so unclean. I start taking pictures and in my mind (i.e. in my mind within the dream) I think that I shall share these pics with my ITSU colleagues to show them the sad state of affairs. Then I ask them to show me their ILR. The CCH (I presume he was the CCH, coz I am so sexist!) fumbles for an answer and points towards a box stating that he just took it out from there. Now, I am a firm supervisor so I don’t get carried away by excuses! I ask him in a loud and firm voice to SHOW ME THEIR ILR. And again they just keep looking around and I tell them that without an ILR and a DF, it cannot even BE a Cold Chain Point! Then they all chime together--- “Ohh!! THAT we anyway are not!” And I’m like, okkkaaayy…. And the sisters seem to be very happy and say, “Oh madam! That is why you were confused, you thought we are a CCP!” 

 Then I woke up. 

 Well,that guy was not a cold chain handler after all!

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