Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Dream: 7th March

I had two dreams. The first one before 3.30 am, which is when I woke up for a bit, changed beds, tried to recall the dream, and slept. The second dream was in this second half of my sleep. I woke up at 7 and tried hard to recall the first dream but could not. In fact, now I hardly remember the 2nd dream too. I mean.. it’s late at night and am probably just a few hours away from my next dream … so anyway.
My dream begins at the office, don’t remember much of it. But, then I am leaving work with some walking ahead of me – one of which is Dr. S. I don’t want to be just behind her and so I turn left from a certain point in our corridor (from where we usually turn right). Walking alongside me is Dr. T. We leave the office from the main gate and we are standing there. It’s still day. I mean it’s not dark. It’s like afternoon. So, we are standing there at the gate and I guess someone’s child is left behind and I am bending down talking to it. And suddenly, something happens- I remembered it in the morning, I don’t remember it now. And Dr. T is replaced by someone else and we are lifted into a hot air balloon- from bada room in my Port Blair home. There we float around for a while and try to come down. It’s kind of like a captive situation. But, I muse that the balloon/parachute will collapse if we do something- don’t remember what. Then, anyway … something happens and we fall down. And we notice that we have fallen down on water flowing through the streets- coz ‘something has happened- like a flood- or a war- I don’t know- and the streets are of India! And we are sooo happy that of all the places we could fall on, we have fallen in India. (As if we were not on a hot air balloon, but a spaceship *rolling*eyes*!) And then we know that the movie is over. Yes, suddenly I was part of a film inside a dream, and the part of me which is not in the film thinks that okay this is where the film ends.

After that too I had some dream I guess but I remember nothing of it except that  I am thinking that if someone asks me why did I move from Amar Colony even though I was always so much praise about it, I would answer that now I could afford something better- maybe I will shift to Kailash Colony. I recall no visuals related to this thought. Maybe it was not a dream at all. Maybe it was just a sleeping thought.

Do we think while sleeping?

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